How To Use Marcellus Shale Talk (Wordpress)

Marcellus Shale Talk is a wordpress blog that provides a moderated online discussion and networking tool. The E-Forum is public, meaning anyone in the world can view what is posted online, but only students whose classes have registered with Pennsylvania Sea Grant can submit point-of-view (POV) papers and comment on papers and questions from other classes involved in the program.

Students should post their Point-of-View papers to Shale Talk between February 4 and February 8. Directions for posting to Shale Talk are attached below. The POV papers will be uploaded to Shale Talk by the moderators; each interest group or organization will be listed as a separate topic. The discussion will be open for a two-week period February 11-22 to allow students to read and comment on the papers. All comments from the students will be reviewed by the moderators before they are posted to Shale Talk. To visit Shale Talk, click here.

Ground Rules for Shale Talk E-Forum

  1. Participate! Ask questions and make comments on what you read. The discussion group is only as interesting as you make it. The moderators are here to help you expand your knowledge of the impacts of natural gas development on aquatic ecosystems, economics, and local communities.

  2. When you comment on point-of-view or consensus papers, try to reference resources from this website, or others you have found during your online research.

  3. Respect each other’s view points. It’s OK to disagree, but be constructive with your criticism!


Directions for Shale Talk Discussion Group(PDF). View it (opens separate window).
Directions for Shale Talk Discussion Group(PDF). Download it.