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A Point-of-View paper from 2012 E-Forum

Lovely Landowners

We, Lovely Landowners, are here to persuade other landowners that Cobalt Gas Company should be given a permit to drill. We have many advantages in giving them permission to drill. They have many policies and safety procedures. Although there are some cons to gas well drilling, the pros overcome the cons. Overall gas well drilling is definitely a great opportunity for our community.

There are many benefits to giving them a permit. The gas companies will bring business to the town that normally would not be. Small local businesses will thrive for the first time in years. Some landowners who struggle to make ends meet, may be fortunate enough to receive a well on their land, and will not have to worry about money any more. Farmers about to sell their animals will be able to come out of debt and continue their passion. Business owners will benefit greatly from the gas industry entering our town. The hundreds of gas employees coming into our town will create more revenue. The gas company will create numerous jobs, where men and women will be able to provide for their families.

Gas wells have many policies and safety procedures while drilling. Some of the general standards they require are walking-working surfaces, fixed industrial stairs, maintenance, occupational health and environmental control, personal protective equipment, sanitation, materials handling and storage, and training. Gas wells are very strict and careful with every action they take, and ensure that drilling is safe.

As with everything, there are consequences. Some disadvantages to allowing the Cobalt Gas Company to drill are, there are some reports of well water changing color and being undrinkable. The gas companies assure that this change in the water is not an effect from drilling rather that well water has done this for years before gas wells. Another thing we may have to deal with is more traffic. All we will need to do is leave ten minutes earlier than normal, no big deal! Our roads may begin to crumble and sink from the heavy truck traffic on them, but in Bradford County this was the case and Shell paid for miles of paved road to be redone. The roads are better than they have been in years!

In conclusion, The Cobalt Gas Company should be giving a permit to drill. We landowners and the community will benefit greatly from it. There may be some minute consequences. The gas companies are very safe with everything they do. The Cobalt Gas Company needs to be given a permit, think how you could benefit from it!